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Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT4


This is a followup 4 pt series to compliment David Bokovoy’s interview on the Historical Jesus.  Many of you are reading Bart Erhman and others who completely throw the Divine Christ out the door.  Many simply discount every evidence as discrediting any view that sees the Divine in Christ.  I want to say thanks to David Bokovoy who recently was interviewed on the Historical Jesus and shared with us a way to reconcile the criticisms Erhman and others make with a framework that allows for Christ to be the Divine Son of God while also acknowledging the scholarship in many areas.  I also wanted for my listeners to see a more fundamental viewpoint so that you could get all ends of the spectrum and see that there is plenty of room for faith as we consider all viewpoints of this issue.  Combining faithful views like David Bokovoy’s view with N.T. Writghts view it becomes possible to see how  views such as Bart Erhman’s can be looking at the evidence without granting all the possibilities.


1 thought on “Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT4”

  1. This series was good, but the third part was a bit lackluster to me with facts. I liked the 6 part Historical Jesus better.

    I like the documentaries on Jesus’ travels during the missing years and after the Crucifixion, esp to India, or Kashmir where he died of old age and his tomb there is in a shrine. He performed miracles and was a wise sage, well respected and loved for his wisdom, love and sharing. Come follow Him.

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