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095: Julie Willis: Asking Questions


Today I take a look at a recent talk at BYU Idaho by Julie Willis.  The talk titled “Gaining Light through Questioning”  speaks of several concepts that we speak of often here on Mormon Discussion and which would benefit those struggling in a difficult faith transition.  So sit back as we dissect this talk and hit on its important points.

BYU IDAHO Speech by Julie Willis on Video

BYU IDAHO speech by Julie Willis Audio

Michael Otterson’s letter

Church article to the youth on Questioning


2 thoughts on “095: Julie Willis: Asking Questions”

  1. I appreciate the distinction she made with some leaders encouraging and being comfortable with asking question, and that some do NOT want that.

    It is my experience that asking questions can make people very uncomfortable. Its as though those who either are being asked (and don’t want to), or those who become aware of the question and don’t think it should be asked, show fear–perhaps even fear that the question will somehow be unanswerable or will be a “hole” in the theology that will destabilize the whole foundation of the church.

    I’ve learned to steer clear of those folks, as some people are not ready for questions.

    Nice cast.

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