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094: David Bokovoy: Authoring the Old Testament

Bokovoy-Authoring-the-Old-TestamentToday we sit down with LDS scholar and author David Bokovoy.  David is the Author of “Authoring the Old Testament : Genesis – Deuteronomy”.   We break down what scripture is and isn’t, leveling false assumptions along the way.  We discuss how to handle paradigm shifts when new info makes previous paradigms untenable. We also address whether the Book of Mormon is in the same boat as the Bible in terms of historical criticism.  Take a listen and consider donating today or even better becoming a premium subscriber today

About David Bokovoy

David Bokovoy holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East from Brandeis University. In addition to his work in Mormon studies, David has published articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature and Vetus Testamentum.  His dissertation is entitled “Yahweh as a Sexual Deity in J’s Prehistory.” A former LDS Chaplain at Harvard University, Dr. Bokovoy has taught for many years in the Church’s Seminaries and Institute program.  He is the father of four children and is married to the former Carolyn Bird.


12 thoughts on “094: David Bokovoy: Authoring the Old Testament”

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  2. What do you do if your likening the scriptures results in beliefs that contradict current church practices or policies? Especially when publicly sharing these beliefs could result in church discipline?

    1. We each must find a path that is ours. I hope people stay and make it work, but I don’t see the LDS path as the only path back to God. Most importantly is finding peace, healthy relationships with those we love, and a path of progression.

      We cant expect to be in the church if we get to far from it. So what we choose to believe and what we choose to act faithful within is up to us and unfortunately leads some out of the Church as they follow their own path.

      1. Since I’ve let go for HAVING to follow this path, it’s becoming more rewarding to CHOOSING to follow this path, or I should say, make the Church part of the vehicle for my own path.

        Sometimes I wish God would have put me in an easier place, or at least somewhere with less baggage, but the baggage makes me ask questions and dig deeper into myself than would I in a simpler place.

        1. I love that sentence “Since I’ve let go for HAVING to follow this path, it’s becoming more rewarding to CHOOSING to follow this path”. this hits the heart of the matter. A transition crisis when really understood is a handing back over of your agency to you with the empowerment to choose.

  3. Great episode. I just finished reading “Who Wrote The Bible”, and it was fascinating. I didn’t know there were any LDS books that took on this topic. Maybe I’ll have to check it out!

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  5. Hi Bill
    I’m from the UK been LDS for 40 years and had most calling in the ward. Spent the last 18 months looking into the church and bible issues. Now I am really struggling with the new framing that I’ve got do to believe in our LDS teachings and I’ve lost my trust in Joseph. My brother Stan has shared with me your website to review how you are dealing with the issues; however I don’t write very well due to my delexia so is it possible that we can speak or Skype each other in the next month?
    Thanks for all you are trying to do.
    Kind regards

    1. absolutely. you can email me at REELMORMON at GMAIL DOT COM and let me know a number whereby I can reach you and when are good times to do that?

  6. Nice view. Today’s (and yesterday’s) “Smorgasbord Gospel” is troublesome and immoral when unaccountable leaders are picking and choosing questionable and unethical crap to force feed us.

    But, a “Smorgasbord Gospel” is good fruit when we can use free will to only learn and pick for ourselves the very best fruits/truths, that which is of Christ.

  7. Jesus taught us how to judge what are good fruits to pick for ourselves, and how and why to not judge others and measuring them against our perceptions of “the law” and ourselves in doing so.

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