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086: Jim McConkie: Reflections of Church and Family

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Jim McConkiewbookBRMJim McConkie sits down with us to share with us his reflections of being a McConkie, helping us understand his uncle Elder Bruce R. McConkie, and his recent book “Looking at the Doctrine and Covenants Again for the Very First Time”.  Jim’s gospel insights and his approach to tough issues will be a help to many that struggle.  This interview will be a blessing to many.

“Growing up as a son of Bruce R. McConkie and a grandson of Joseph Fielding Smith had its moments. One of the experiences that my brothers and sisters and I shared regularly was to listen to people make disparaging remarks about our father or grandfather in Sunday School or other church classes. You could pretty well depend on the fact that if someone quoted either Elder McConkie or President Smith, that someone else would immediately respond with some kind of an insulting retort. I don’t think it bothered any of us to have someone disagree with our father or grandfather, we just couldn’t understand why the disagreement seemed so mean-spirited.” – Joseph Fielding McConkie


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