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072: Garden of Eden: Literal of Figurative


We are in our classes taught the creation, the fall, God’s dealings with his first two mortal children Adam and Eve. Many LDS see these accounts as absolutely literal with little room for deviation. Sticking with the MormonDiscussion Mantra…. We tear it down and build it back up again. Let’s hold on tight… and let’s take a closer look



4 thoughts on “072: Garden of Eden: Literal of Figurative”

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  2. Thanks for uncovering all kinds of issues with the current Mormon Church Inc. I do believe they are covering up lots of information. Here is another they are covering up.
    It was my understanding that Joseph Smith had the first temple built in Ohio near the serpent mound since he understood the serpent mound marked the east side of the Garden of Eden.

    here it is in the news of 1897….

    here is more information….

  3. So interesting
    I came to the same conclusion that the garden was a premortal situation. I thought it necessary that Eve ate the fruit and took maternity upon herself rather than that being a consequence of Adam.
    I feel Eve and all women represent the veil of humanity or the mortal portal.
    And Jesus represents the other veil of mortality.
    I think “the light of Christ” was given to us formally before we left “the garden” and is the first “token”
    Another symbol of the veil used in the prayer circle and why women wear the veil.
    Hope that is not saying too much.
    So nice to hear someone else w the same conclusion.
    Will have to ponder your idea about Adam and Eve’s parentage. I had thought they were born somewhere else and brought here with no memory of their childhood. Your theory is interesting and I’ll ponder it.
    Also agree about unpacking everything
    Sorting it out and putting it together again.
    Thank you.

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