042: Tithing: a nuanced view

What is Tithing?  Many love to jump in here and state their definition and unknowingly impose it on others.  But what Does the Lord say and perhaps more importantly for us as Latter-Day Saints, what does the Church say on this matter officially.  Is tithing paid on Gross wages, net wages, or leftover after all […]

Bonus: Radio West: Hans Mattson and Doubting Mormons

This is a a link to the podcast RadioWest and is linked from their site – http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/mormon-belief-digital-age All credit is given to this site for this link.   Please check out radiowest – http://radiowest.kuer.org/   Their description of this broadcast –  Thursday, we’re talking about what the New York Times has called a “wave of doubt and […]

041: Moroni 7 and Fowler Stage 5

http://www.pbs.org/mormons/interviews/holland.html  <—Holland PBS Interview The Book of Mormon, says Critics, is a made up Book of Fiction created Joseph Smith as a hoax as he pulled the wool over our eyes.  I can’t see it that way.  I see the Book of Mormon as deep and full of spiritual insights.  I see the Book of […]

040: Greg Prince on Faith and David O. McKay

We sit down with Greg Prince and discuss Faith Crisis, the difficult issues and his book “David O McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism“ Greg is a well known persona in Mormon Thought.  He is well informed, well spoken, and offers flexible alternative ways to see the gospel while still leading with Faith.   […]

039: Bushman helps others on Faith Transitions

http://rationalfaiths.com/bushman-babies-bath-water/ This was the first in a proposed long list of firesides held by Richard Bushman and Terry & Fiona Givens.  The effort was made to assist those in faith crisis so that they might make it through their dark night of the soul to the other side where peace can be found and do […]

038: Rock Waterman: Pure Mormonism

Today we interview Rock Waterman, author of the blog “Pure Mormonism”.  Rock shares with some of his views: his testimony of the gospel restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith along with his struggle at times with current Church Policy and Doctrine including such things as tithing, sealings as marriage, and others.  While I find Rock’s […]

037: Brian Hales : Polygamy

We sit down with Brian Hales, LDS author of “Joseph Smith’s Polygamy”  We ask him the hard questions fast and furious and does a great job answering them.  We discuss polygamy, Polyandry, Joseph’s withholding the knowledge of the practice from the public and even general membership. Brian’s Book can be found at Greg Kofford Books […]