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035: Will The Circle be Unbroken

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ReelsI wanted to share a spiritual experience I had this week.  My Grandmother passed away this week.  Funeral was yesterday.  She had 8 kids including my Dad.  At her funeral it struck me the strength and the connection and binding power in families.  I am the only member of the Church in my family, and I may well be the only regular Church attender among them.  An outsider may say they are not religious, but this experience may show there is something more then attending Church.

With my Grandmother laying peacefully in the casket,  and her husband having passed away over 6 years ago; this meant these 8 grown kids were now without both parents, something most of us must deal with at some point.  As the funeral started (Which I was blessed to officiate) we began with a couple of songs played by CD.  One of them is included here.  “Will the Circle be unbroken”.   These 8 children who loved their Mother dearly started in one by one in singing the song.  Some of them including my father were hovered over, crying in deep heaving motions and yet maintaining the most beautiful Chorus.

I felt the Spirit.  I recognized then and felt the truth once again, That God loves all his Children, That families (not just those in the church) are eternal.   That my family made up of what many would consider to be an non religious group if Church attendance is the standard we are measuring by; and yet to hear them all sing a song that speaks to their roots, their family bond, and the loss of their Mother; I was wrapped up in the spirit of the moment and I hope as you picture it you might be too.

Will the Circle be unbroken?  Yes it can be restored……. how you ask, because Families are together forever!!!!


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