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008: Defining Doctrine

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Have you ever been taught in the church that

– the Earth was 6,000 years old?

– All native Americans are Lamanites?

– Evolution is absolutely false

Have you discovered some comments by leaders that are racist and offensive?

Have you ever heard a crazy opinion from a leader that you disagreed with?

Many of us have and as we in our mind define the Church, many of us make the mistake of incorporating these ideas into what we consider to be the “Official Doctrine” of the Church.  Sometimes these items are so obtrusive to our making progress that they cause us to leave the church or to wallow in a faith crisis for long periods of time.  We need not have this happen.  We simply need to confront our perception and fix it where it is skewed and doesn’t match reality.

Once one confronts this issue one recognizes very quickly that the Church has all along cautioned it’s members from taking the words of one leader or member and constituting that as Doctrine.

Resources for this podcast

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Bob Millet –

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