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003: Best of Stories and Parables in the Church

This episode of Mormon Discussion shares with you short snippets from some of the best talks in the church. The snippets used are the stories and parables that have touched me and I hope after listening you might take time to check out their talks to see these stories in their context. My podcast in non-profit and these talks are copyrighted so please do not violate that copyright.

Stephen Robinson – Believing Christ

Elder Holland – Safety for the Soul

Dale Sturm – Faith is a Decision

Brad Wilcox – His Grace is Suffcient

Elder Holland- The Only True God


1 thought on “003: Best of Stories and Parables in the Church”

  1. I personally like Stephen R. Robinson’s sequel book “Following Quote” where he offer’s the parable of the divers and also the analogy of fishing to contrast when are we saved idea… these two parables and analogies were very helpful for me… and I of course was familiar and loved Brad Wilcox talk “His Grace is sufficient”.

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