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Mormon Discussion: 321: Elder Holland and The Maxwell Institute

Today we dissect Elder Holland’s November 10, 2018 address directly to the Maxwell Institute. It seemed very much like a rebuke an an effort to embarrass those at the Maxwell Institute for moving towards objectivity and forthrightness and emphasizing real scholarship over defensive apologetics. It even includes encouragement from Elder Holland to choose faithful renditions […]

Bill Reel – Statement on Excommunication – 12.3.2018

To those who have supported my family, me, and the podcast, Yesterday December 2 2018 at around 12:30 in the afternoon the Stake President for the Mormon Church in my geographic location hand delivered his decision to my Disciplinary Council.  The decision was as we all had expected, I had been excommunicated.  Immediately, my family […]

Bill Reel – Disciplinary Court Is Imminent

It has finally happened.  I received a disciplinary notice from my stake president.  Would those who feel any attachment to this podcast or to me, would you please send positive thoughts into the universe for my family and friends.  I always knew that full honesty and transparency and shining a light on unhealthiness and deception […]

Can You Honor The Truth of Another?

Can you honor the truth of another?  Can you sit with and have a conversation that tries to understand why someone believes differently than you?  I was asked, “Bill, Do you spend equal time reading the positive sources as you do the critical?”  here is my answer. I need you to not only hear my […]

Mormon Discussion: 314: Culture of Unhealthiness

Today we get in a metaphorical hot air balloon and rise up to look at the 20,000 foot view of the culture of abuse within Mormonism at the present moment.  We use three issues to demonstrate that the Mormon Church has exercised unrighteous dominion in three areas.  We look at Sam Young’s effort to eliminate […]

Mormon Discussion: 311: Youth Homelessness in Utah and What is Being Done – Youth Futures

Today we interview Krista Whipple, managing director of Youth Futures St. George Utah.   Youth Futures provides housing along with tools, resources, and education to both prevent and help Youth Homelessness in Utah and the St. George area specifically.  Mormon Discussion has teamed up with Youth Futures to help them raise money.  Mormon Discussion has donated […]