Appreciate all you do and the thought provoking nature of your podcast.

Steve R.

Dear Bill,  I just donated to your podcast.  Not a gold member but a silver member but I’ve had a break through from listening to your podcast. Love your work.

Max E.

I appreciate your podcast and I enjoy following you on facebook.  Like you, my testimony has gone through a few changes over the past few years and I appreciate your willingness to be open about the sticky issues while still sharing a faithful outlook.  I just wanted to thank you for walking the line you do and add some words of encouragement to you because I have seen you be accused by some faithful latter day saints of being unfaithful.  I hope you keep calling out problems as you see them and I hope you also keep seeing and pointing out reasons to believe.   I think it is an effective to strengthen the church and more importantly, strengthen people individually who are seeking after Christ.

Mike P.

I listened to your Mormon Stories interview yesterday while winterizing outside. I really, really enjoyed it. Being the father of a gay son, I have big problems with the new policy. Thanks for having the courage to speak up on something that isn’t right.

Mark M.

I have recently discovered your podcasts and I am in love with them!

Britney H.

Keep up the good work, which we feel is excellent and consistently hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Stephen W.

Keep up the good work.  I wish I lived closer as I would like to personally give you a big hug and say thanks.  You have helped me very much.

Nathan H.

I hope you get this email.  In the 10 long years since I finally reached the point of not believing in the church anymore, this is the first time I’ve reached out to anybody about it, except for two very close friends who I trust completely.  Your podcast from today really struck a cord in me, and I just wanted to reach out and say “Thank you!” for what you’re doing.  After hearing today’s podcast, I’m going to become a permanent listener.

Rob M.

Hello Bill,
Thank you thank you thank you for your recent podcast on “Our Bad Days.” Much of what you said validated the concerns, frustrations, anger, and sadness that I feel sometimes about the church. So much of what you said really spoke to me and I could completely relate to. Again, thank you for the excellent podcast. I felt so validated about my concerns and frustrations. Good luck with your journey.

Tim L.

Please keep up the wonderful work you do with your podcast, when I am feeling like I’m at the end of my rope and not knowing what to do or what to believe…you give me hope. Your approach is the only one that’s going to help others trust again.

Cindy H.

Thank you for doing hard things and being an alternate voice of truth. I for one appreciate your efforts and understand you are putting yourself out there open to criticism. We all have a part to play. When I listened to your rebuttal of Bednars QandA I was cheering for your thoughtful voice.

Lori W.

Hi Bill, I listened to your most recent podcast while on a walk today- finding your truth in a transition. I just really want to say thank you. It kind of made me break down and I wish I could have heard someone say something like that about a year and a half ago.

Carissa B.

I think you do an awesome job and I really appreciate it. You seem to be in a similar place that I am and do a great job of expressing that place as well … again thank you very much I really do enjoy your podcast.

Corwin H.

keep up the amazing work. We can’t have enough voices in this space right now.

Kevin L.

Thank you. I really appreciate your help, patience and understanding. I feel lucky to have someone to share this with that doesn’t trigger my shame or fear, and that is also strong in their beliefs. It’s so refreshing.

Jared B.