Mormon Discussion: 345: Mormon Absurdities

Today I share a list I having been working on.  It has to do with Mormon Absurdities.  The goal was to provide a list of items, that in order to believe Mormonism, one must accept these items as reconcilable, if one accepts the official narrative of their faith and the words of their prophets. These items are seen as irrational when one tries to reconcile them.  One may choose to believe them but there are explanations or interpretations in each instance that require less conjecture. For example If I’m out in a cabin in the woods and I hear tapping on the tin roof, it’s simply more rational to conclude a raccoon than a space alien. You may still in fact choose to believe the noise was caused by a Space Alien. Yet nearly anyone on the planet would agree the raccoon explanation is more rational than the alien one. But the only reason at all to assume one is more rational than the other is because that explanation accounts for the data with exponentially less conjecture. Anytime you choose the solution or belief that requires more conjecture, you are in fact being irrational. When you take into account a multitude of beliefs or perspectives that each on their own requires more conjecture than other beliefs or perspectives you begin to run into a wall where the statistical improbability is insurmountable.  The List is found HERE


Concluding Song by Weird Alma – Do Some Good


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