Mormon Discussion: 341: Coffee – A Word of Wisdom

Today I talk about my navigation of the drugs as well as coffee and tea as a teenager including and my eventual abandonment of those things when I join Mormonism and follow Mormonism’s Word of Wisdom.  I discuss that after losing belief in Mormonism, the Word of Wisdom becomes just arbitrary rules, no longer upheld by a divine being and hence my desire to go back and re-evaluate what these things mean to me.  We focus on coffee and how I have navigated the space of being a coffee drinker.  My Morning coffee while I sit at my desk at Family Pawn before we open working on the podcast drinking my homemade cold brew is one of the many highlights of my day.   And we end by highlighting a Local (to me) Utah Coffee company, Red Roca Coffee, and explain how to make your own cold brew.    Red Roca Coffee was started by a post Mormon in his basement in American Fork Utah.  and his brand ties into the post Mormon experience.  Below I share all the products I use to make my delicious cold brew coffee and help you get a great deal on Fresh Red Roca Coffee Beans.

Red Roca Coffee and Mormon Discussion have partnered to bring delicious specialty coffee to you at a discounted price.  By purchasing Red Roca Coffee with the code AWAKE you will accomplish all of the following
– Get yourself a 10% discount (Use the Code AWAKE)
– Help send a donation of part of the proceeds to Mormon Discussion.
– Support a post Mormon and a local Utah Family Owned business
– Support local Utah artisans
– and any purchase over $30 get free shipping
– Enjoy delicious premium coffee

Items I use to make Cold Brew
Coffee Bean Grinder
Glass Jar to store your delicious coffee
Cold Brew Filters

Videos on How to Make Cold Brew
Basic concept on smaller scale of how I make mine
Three ways to make cold brew
Why Cold Brew and How
20 recipes and general info on Cold Brew


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