Mormon Discussion: 340: The Little Factory

A friend messages me the other day and says, “your not going to believe this”.  “what”, I ask.  “The Church has removed Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory Talk”, he informs me.  “That’s impossible…. deleting a General conference talk completely…. forever?  no way” I tell him……..

Well he was right and today we play that talk and discuss its unhealthy perspectives, we discuss how Apologists defended it, and how with its removal the Church is admitting that the talk is unhealthy and indefensible.  It has in spite of it being the backdrop of so much shame around sexuality imposed on young Latter-day Saints and its having widespread use and approval by general leadership and church publications, effectively become the philosophies of Men mingled with scripture.

Closing Song
Artist: Disturbed
Title: The Sound of Silence


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